UI/UX- What they are and their importance

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In today’s fast changing technological landscape businesses want to enhance their brand identity and increase customer loyalty which would translate into increased revenues. With such a huge proliferation of mobile phones and increasing awareness of customers, the businesses need to stand out with the design of their websites, web applications or mobile apps to grab customer attention. To achieve the attention and engagement of the customers UI/UX design becomes extremely important.

What is UI?

The UI (User Interface) refers to the design aspect of a mobile or a web based application. UI focuses in the look of the mobile or the web app. The way UI is created also keeps on evolving. All the pages or screens, buttons, text boxes, dropdowns, menus and other visual elements form the UI. From a broad perspective the major UI elements can be classified into the following categories.

Input Controls: These include checkboxes, dropdowns, list boxes, buttons, text fields etc

Navigational Components: These include menu, breadcrumb, pagination, icons etc.

Informational Components: These include notifications, progress bar, modal (pop up) window etc.

What is UX?

The UX (User Experience) refers to how a user feels when interacting with a web based application or a mobile app and also what kind of perceptions and response are triggered from the user. The UX is an evolving process whose most important goal is to provide the user with an intuitive and delightful experience for the user. There are a few very important factors that affect the UX.

Useful: This is whether the product or service is solving a problem or is it giving customer a good reason to use it.

Usable: This is about the website or mobile app is intuitive and easy to use.

Accessible: This is whether the solution is accessible to everyone like people who are physically challenged. Also it’s about creating a solution which woks across platforms and devices.

Shareable: In today’s times when so many people are using social media to share information at a scale not seen before then this becomes an important factor for your business.

Valuable: When developing a mobile app or a web experience one of the critical question is how this will create value for the customer and also for the business which can then invest more to keep evolving the service offering or product.

“It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Steve Jobs

Why UI/UX are important

A well thought, planned and implemented UI and UX are imperative for a business to create a digital experience for it’s product or service. If you design a website or a mobile app which has a great UI but a very badly implemented UX then the customers will not come back to your site or app. Similarly if your site or mobile app has a great UX but a non-intuitive UI then also the users would not want to come back to use your product or service. Hence you need to optimize both the UI and UX of your product or service so as to provide the user with a great experience. Some of the important reasons that UI/UX are critical in today’s times are given below.

User Attention: If you talk about websites and mobile apps, it’s a very crowded space. There are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet and in 2018 there were around 205 billion mobile app downloads. So the first thing that a business needs to achieve is to draw user attention. A great design and an engaging experience helps you in getting the user attention.

User Conversion & ROI: For most of the businesses whether you have designed a product or a service the number of users actively visiting your website or using your mobile app is a very important metric. Having got the user attention you need to convert the user to being your customer. Here you need to understand your customer needs and then evolve your UI and UX according to their needs.

Brand building: Continually investing in the UI and UX design helps in retaining your customers who come back again and again to user your products or services. For example Facebook, Amazon, Google have been continually evolving their UI and UX over the years and that has led not only customers being with them but also so many new customers being added to their

The UI/UX design is a collaborative process and does not happen in isolation from each other. The UI/UX designers in a software development company make sure that the client’s web or mobile app is visually stimulating, engaging and well organized for its users. They ascertain that the design language that they choose for the product or service fits into the vision and business goal of the client. Constant communication between the UI and the UX designers is very critical to the success of the project.

To sum it up we can say that UI/UX design is integral to the success of the project in achieving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and in generating profit for the company.