Robotics Process Automation

Our industry has achieved first ware of cost reduction, especially for IT services, by leveraging global resources. Organizations are finding it difficult to achieve further cost optimization through leverage of people, process and methodologies and are looking for innovative means.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one such technology based approach that businesses are leveraging to achieve next level of cost arbitrage.

To stay competitive, business must continue to innovate new services/offerings and keep the cost as low as possible.

At ExcelGens, What we mean by Robotics

RPA helps to execute human behavior in non-judgmental manner and delivers benefits like accuracy, consistency, audit trail, flexibility, reliability and above all cost reduction.

Robots can sit along with existing setup to be easily governed by IT. These virtual workforces are easy to operate and may be controlled by business management team to achieve faster benefits.

RPA may be implemented at desktop level that delivers individual task automation, process level to achieve large scale unattended processing or cognitive automation that helps decision making based on large historical data samples.

ExcelGens can help you develop and implement right RPA strategy as well as manage day to day operations. We have developed 3 phase journey for structured RPA implementation.

RPA Strategy RPA Design and Implementation RPA Management
Portfolio assessment Conduct business value based process re-engineering Optimize/enhance robotic solution
Establish business case Establish KPIs and SLAs Identify and implement automation for additional business processes
Evaluate automation tool Implement automation tool Initial and ongoing user training
Proof of concept Establish risk/mitigation plan Automation technology management
Validate business case and select automation tool Implement process automation Validate business case and select automation tool

Key Benefits

  • Cost reduction for rule based tasks
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improves accuracy, control and traceability
  • Supports strategic platform upgrades and regulatory changes
  • Accelerate innovation

Alliance Partners

At Excelgens, we enable enterprises to increase productivity and improve the process quality. This results in increasing the value the organizations get from these implementations. Our partnership with Kryon is helping us achieve our goals even faster by leveraging their proprietary and innovative AI driven platform.


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