Importance of people for business success

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We at Excelgens truly believe that our people are not our assets. We don’t see our people as just resources. Sounds a bit different. Yes our approach is a bit different. For us, our people are an extended family as we spend a majority of our time with each other on a daily basis. Hence it becomes imperative that we put our people first and engage with them in different ways to create a positive culture within the organization.  We are not averse to the term “assets” but it’s just that when asset is used in the context to describe human beings we like to think differently.

We want all of our people to think that they are coming to office and giving their time and energy not only to generate profits but also to develop a sense of purpose and meaning. An organization can make its people go a distance for money but monetary benefits alone do not motivate them to go that extra mile. There are a few core values that we try to inculcate in our culture apart from experimenting with various other ways to engage with our people. 

Trust: This is a core value that we share across our organization. The whole world operates on trust and without it every system designed by humans would collapse. We have seen this within our organization that too much of rules, procedures and bureaucracy pulls down the motivation. We do have rules and procedures in our workplace and also in the work that we do but we don’t over rely on them and after a certain point we leave an open space of trust. We believe that this is the space where motivation thrives. What happens when motivation thrives – it produces the domino effect of your people being more productive resulting in better solutions, better service delivery and most importantly it increases client satisfaction and profitability.

Appreciation & Recognition: We work in the challenging domains of staffing and software development. There are times when someone is going the extra mile to get the work done and we make sure that we appreciate the hard work put in by each and every one of our team members. Results are very important to us like any other organization and we make sure that this is very clear but at the same time we make sure that the hard work get appreciated regardless of the result. For us appreciation and recognition can take various forms like financial incentives, emails from the management, one-to-one or team meetings, phone calls.

Innovation and Challenges: When we are designing even a simple user interface we ensure that it is not something that we have done before. We want to be innovative and create a UI which helps our client to achieve his/her business objective. We foster innovation amongst our people and are always trying to innovate in the work we do. We ensure that innovation is inclusive and not exclusive to a select few. Sometimes our people are faced with a challenging staffing requirement or a very complex workflow that needs to be developed as a piece of code integrated to the UI. When they are able to resolve the issue its so welcoming to see the happiness on their faces and the way they share their experiences with the team. By experience we have seen that when someone overcomes a challenging task it generates a sense of pride and also he/she derives more meaning from the work. When you are innovating then challenge will be its natural outcome and it’s this interplay of innovation and challenge which helps us to engage with our people.

“Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.”

– Angela Ahrendts (Senior Vice President, Apple)

All organizations want their people to be collaborative, innovative, hard-working, customer focused and the list can go on. The important question that the management of any organization needs to ask themselves is what the organization is doing to ensure that they can nurture people in a way so that they imbibe these qualities.

At Excelgens, we are always trying to go beyond the traditional ways like having unlimited coffees, open offices etc to engage with our people. We always keep on trying and experimenting with various ways to achieve our goal for engaging with our people as we are aware that different strategies work differently for different people.