Our new office in Gurugram, India

February, 2020

We are really excited to share with everyone that we have moved to our new office location in Gurugram, India. We had been planning this for past few months and we realized that searching for a new location is not an easy process as there are many factors that one has to consider before making the final decision. Manish, who is the President-APAC Ops, was directly involved in location selection, negotiations and finalization of the interiors. There were two important factors in moving out of our previous location.

Space: We have not only been increasing our team size but we are also looking at acquiring new clients and expanding our team further. Hence the previous location was getting tight for us.

Food & Recreational Facilities: We are very serious about the work at hand but at the same time we ensure that the team has its share of fun and lighter moments. In our previous location there were limited options for food and recreational activities for the team. We were aware of this and the team had also discussed with the management.

Our new office offers us a space which is bright, vibrant and so welcoming. There are beautiful conference rooms, cafeteria and food kiosks. There is also a play area with snooker, carrom, chess and even an Xbox. It has ample space not only for our current team but also if we expand our team size in the near future. Some of the artwork is left to be put up but as we all know that to get to perfection it just takes a little more time.