Artificial Intelligence Conclave, AI: Augmenting Human Capabilities

November, 2019

Our team attended the AI conclave organised by CII at the Leela Palace, New Delhi on the 20th November 2019. The theme of the conclave was AI-Augmenting Human Capabilities. It was an early start to the day at 9:30 am. Our representation was made by Manoj (Director-Business Development), Aman (Director-Projects & Sales) and Deepak (Project Manager).

The inaugural session started at 10 am. The panel of the inaugural session was chaired by Mr Vinod Sood from Hughes Systique and the guest of honor was Mr Yaduvendra Mathur, IAS (Special Secretary, NITI Aayog). This session set up the whole theme for the session as to how AI can be used to augment human capabilities and make humans more available to invest their time in doing tasks involving creativity and innovations.

Mr Yaduvendra Mathur and Mr Arnab Kumar from the NITI Aayog, Government of India, shared about the several initiatives that the Government of India as it recognizes the fact that this wave of AI and ML is the future and a trillion dollar opportunity for India. The broad sectors where the AI solutions will be focused on are given below.

  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Mobility and Transportation

The speakers also agreed that in the foreseeable future we should see the rise of Narrow AI rather than General AI. Narrow AI is limited to a single or a set of tasks like weather forecasting, playing chess, writing journalistic reports. They also agreed that we should not make fallacious assumptions about general AI and wrongly imagine a fate for humans as depicted in movies where AI driven machines control the planet.

Mr Sidharth Balakrishna (AI Evangelist, Author and Columnist) shared his experience of AI solutions being used in the media industry. He shared how using AI based solutions can create a journalistic report from analyzing raw data. He mentioned that these tools can generate reports just from the financial reports of companies.

Mr Taranjeet Singh (CEO, AgNext) elaborated on how his company is implementing AI based soilutions in the agriculture to help farmers improve quality and optimize costs.

Another important point that was put forward by a participant was about the interface between the industry and the students. There is a big gap between education provided in our institutes and colleges and the skillset requirement of the industry. The panelists pointed out that NASSCOM along with the industry has created a platform by the name of Future Skills which will help bridge the education and industry gap.

The panelists also discussed the barriers in the adoption of AI. The major points which were brought forward are given below.

  • Lack of availability of skillsets in the development of AI.
  • Absence of data eco systems to enable organizations and people to create AI based solutions.
  • Concern for privacy and security of the people.
  • High resource costs.

As we all know that Artificial Intelligence along with Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics is poised to disrupt our world in ways which have been unconceivable previously in the history of human kind.

We, at Excelgens, firmly believe that AI based solutions focused on addressing the needs of the people will supplement human intelligence and enrich the lives of people in varied ways. At Excelgens we have already started working actively in this domain. We have the capability to deliver Machine Learning solutions using Python and its associated set of libraries. We have an established practice of Cyber Security that we have executed for Ernst & Young.