Custom Software Development

Customized ADM services ensure that applications perform optimally at minimal cost

Every client has a different business need and hence a different solution requirement to address the business need. When we are approached by a client our team works closely with them to clearly understand the business need as this is the first and the most important step in custom application development. We are committed to delivering highest levels of usability and performance in our tailor made software solutions. In today’s ever changing technological landscape we ensure that all our solutions are designed to be flexible, reliable and scalable. Our custom software development team sits across various locations across the globe including India.

The Software Development Process



Our team work closely with the client to understand the business requirement for which the custom software needs to be built. Out team analyzes the problem areas and suggest ways to improve the bottlenecks using our custom software. This forms the foundation to create workflows which are faster, simple and efficient to drive client success and operational efficiency.



This is the stage where the actual development of the application happens. Our close knit team of experienced software developers, designers and project managers translate the requirements listed in the Discover phase into actual code. The development team is in constant communication with the client sharing the progress, taking feedback and implementing the suggestions in the solution.


Test & Accept

The testing stage is used to test the application not only from a functional perspective but also to test it’s performance. The application is hosted in a stage environment so that the client can also test the application with real world scenarios. This helps us in further verifying any areas that might have been missed out.



Once the client and our team is happy with the final version of the software application we then push the application on the production server. We make sure that everything is working fine and give the final go ahead to the client to start using the application providing them with user manuals and other related documentation.



Our relationship with the client does not end after deploying the application. We always look at maintaining long term working relationships with our clients. Our team is available to provide maintenance and support services for the software application as per the client requirements so that we can evolve the application based on the changing needs of the clients.

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