WHO along with health agencies and leading Tech companies launch Blockchain based platform to fight COVID-19

TheWorld Health Organization along with health agencies and technology companies like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft have come together to launch a blockchain based platform to the COVID-19. The platform known as, MiPasa will address the issue of lack of verified data sources and the misinformation that has been developing as a major obstacle in containing this crisis.

The MiPasa platform will help in acquiring reliable data and make it accessible to the policy makers and other stakeholders to take appropriate actions. MiPasa uses three types of validation between different data sources as given below.

  • It reconciles data from agencies like WHO, CDC and more.
  • Ensures new data matches the original
  • Validation from public in reporting of inconsistencies in data

MiPasa is an open platform built on the Hyperledger Fabric and the information is recorded on permissioned ledger which will help people in building applications on top of it quickly. The objective of this platform is to create a foundation with reliable data. Once valid data is available it will be easier for governments and other stakeholders to and isolate and provide medical attention to the patients, identifying hotspots of the outbreak and the

Apart from WHO MiPasa is supported by organizations like Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Government of Canada, Department of Health – Hong Kong, Johns Hopkins University to name a few.