Johns Hopkins University - Web based map to track COVID-19

We have created this page so that we can show important and relevant information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak not only for our people but for anyone looking for information. We are very grateful for the people at Johns Hopkins University for building this interactive map.

We are also grateful to all the health workers working across the world and saving lives of people. When we are implementing remote work policies the doctors, nurses and support staff at the hospitals are doing their job by being at the front lines. We have a lot of gratitude to all of them and feel obligated to put in something from our side to assist their efforts in a positive way.

All people and businesses have been disrupted worldwide. The well-being of our people and business continuity of our clients is our priority and we are doing everything to support them at this point of time.

  • In the initial stages we have had our internal meetings with the teams to make them aware of the coronavirus outbreak. We have created awareness amongst everyone on the ways to protect themselves and prevent further spreading of this virus.
  • We have cancelled all the official travel plans. We have already scheduled conference calls with our clients to make up for cancellation of the meetings.
  • We have attended a few online conferences which was great and gave us a new perspective on how technology can be leveraged to ensure continuity of work in such times.
  • We are organizing phone/skype interviews for our candidates.
  • We have created the infrastructure to help our people to work remotely so that business continuity of the clients is not disrupted in any way.

We are sharing information with as many people as we can so as to be a small part in the effort in stopping the spread of the COVID-19.

Informative Advisory by WHO

How is technology contributing to the fight against COVID-19

We firmly believe that if we have the technology to halt the spread of the Coronavirus. From Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big data to 3D printing, drug discovery, this is a time which can be used to leverage the cutting edge technology to help us all overcome this massive outbreak that we all are facing. We are trying to gather together information across the internet and assimilate everything here so that our people and users in general can see how people across the world are committed to take the fight to this virus.