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ExcelGens can help organizations quickly and economically achieve their IT goals with custom application development and management services (ADM) capable of performing across multiple platforms and infrastructures.

We offer strong delivery capabilities in agile and waterfall methodologies, and our matured application development services encompass all phases of the software development life cycle, from translating client needs into project requirements through implementation and post-production user support.

We have a rock-solid track record providing cost-effective, high-quality custom solutions, capable of consistent performance to clients.

Customized ADM services ensure that applications perform optimally at minimal cost

Services We Offer

Our Approach

At Excelgens, we are committed to delivering you a solution which exceeds your expectations. Our overall methodology is based on the industry best practices amalgamated with the knowledge that we have gathered from executing various projects across technologies and industry domains. The important aspects that form the core of every project that we undertake are given below.

Methodology: Whether it’s about using the Agile methodology or the Waterfall methodology, we choose the option most suited for a particular project. We take into consideration various factors like the need, cost, past experience etc. We ensure that the chosen methodology is aligned with the customer needs and business objectives.

Communication: This is one of the most important aspects of any project and it starts right from the time the client discusses the requirements with us. From our industry experience we have devised the best approach to make sure that our clients always are updated on the progress of the projects. We use various mediums for communication to ensure that the communication flow is seamless which results in the project success.

Quality: A lot of emphasis and procedures are laid down to ensure that the quality standards are followed by our team. We ensure that when the application is taken live then it should be defect free. To achieve we perform various tests like unit testing, functional testing, performance testing, load testing and acceptance testing. We always encourage and perform regular code reviews.

Documentation: We ensure that all our documentation, whether it is for our development team or for the end users, is specific and relevant. We create various documents during the lifecycle of a project like Requirements Document, Software Architecture Document, Source Code Document, Testing Document and End User Documents. We also create the Project Learning Document in which we bring out the new learnings of a project and use this knowledge in future projects.

Whom We Work For

We work for startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), Large corporations and Government organizations. Our work includes our application development services.

For Startups: For any nation and especially in today’s times it’s economy is dependent not only on the large and medium corporations but also on the startup ventures. Due to the rapid change in technology and rising awareness of people for solutions, innovation becomes very important for startups. The startup ecosystem in countries like the USA, Canada, Britain, Israel is mature and robust. In the past few years India has also grown its startup ecosystem due to the various initiatives taken by the Government of India. We, at Excelgens, are very passionate for startups as we know that for any startup and understand that technology and innovation are the building blocks for any startup. Hence we work very closely with startups and share the knowledge and experience to help them build solutions and products which can be taken to the market and result in growth and further innovation.

For SME’s: Small and Medium Enterprises are in the middle of the graph wherein they are not a startup for sure and they are neither in the large enterprise category. The SME’s have their own set of challenges like supply chain, sales & finances and adoption of technology. SME’s are at a scale where they need technological interventions to help them being sustainable and achieve efficiencies of scale. For a SME to build their own software development team is not a viable option because it takes away the focus from the core business and the learning curve to manage an IT team is also a long one. Excelgens thus gives the SME’s an option as a reliable software development partner where we offer them custom software solutions and mobile apps.

Large Corporations & Government Departments: The large corporations and government departments have the money and the people to invest in technology. Large corporations are more aware of their business processes and have more implemented technology in various areas of their business. Government departments are placed comparatively much below as they are reluctant when it comes to adoption and implementation of technology. For large corporations Excelgens offers niche solutions like Robotics Process Automation and Identity Access Management so that they can efficiently manage the issues that arise with the rise in the scale of operations. We work with the government departments in India to provide them web and mobile based solutions.

Alliance Partners

Our team works on the latest web and mobile technologies and platforms to develop applications for our clients. Our alliance partnerships with IBM, Microsoft and Red Hat help us to deliver interoperable and flexible solutions to our clients.

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